Prefab Homes and the Options They Offer

In the past the terms prefab and prefabricated had a negative connotation. However, in our days it is one of the hottest topics on the market. This is mainly because these homes are not only fabulous, but they offer the owners the option of customization and they are energy-efficient. It looks like leaving a small carbon footprint also means reducing the costs (at least in this case) as these homes are more affordable than the stick-built homes. With all this being said, what are your options?

Modular homes

These homes are constructed of one or more modules prefabricated in a factory and then transported to the building site. This is where the construction is completed. The modules come with interior fittings (such as plumbing, doors, electric outlets, stairs, and closets). It takes about three months to order the home, fabricate it, and assemble it.

Panelized homes

Just as the name suggests, these homes are built in panels. A panel can be a whole wall, for example. These panels are transported to the construction site where they are assembled. The construction takes more than in case of the modular homes especially because the interior finishing work (like installing the flooring, light fixtures, cabinetry, stairs, and so on) is done on-site.
The production time of the panels is about the same as in case of modular homes, of about 6-12 weeks. A panel might be installed in a week, but it might take a month to do all the interior work. A home of this kind is usually constructed in about 3-6 months.

Pre-cut homes

These homes are also referred to as kit homes. The factory produces the kits, which are transported to the construction site and then assembled. These could be panelized homes, but not all panelized homes are also pre-cut homes. One of the main differences between the two designs is that the pre-cut homes are often assembled by the home owner using the materials supplied by the manufacturer. In the same time not all pre-cut homes have full ceilings and walls prefabricated.

Shipping container homes

Just as the name suggests, these homes are made of shipping containers. Please note that there might be specific regulations in your area for homes of this kind. These are stronger and sturdier structures and they weren’t designed for residential use. However, there are some manufacturers that redesigned these homes for commercial and residential use.

Design of Prefab Homes and Shipping Container Houses

The steel shipping container homes which are growing in popularity have an endless array of design possibilities. Even though the steel structure starts out as a simple 20x 8 x 8 foot gray box, the boxes can be put together like a puzzle and have a facade or paint placed on the outside so each shipping container home ends up as unique as the people living inside.
Stack them side by side evenly for a traditional-looking two-story home or stagger the stacking design to give the home an edgy and modern look. Cover the outside with a facade of sustainable material, like bamboo, or let the sunlight flow by replacing one or two walls with glass panels.
Whether you are in the market for a large family home, guest house, separate office space, pool house or retreat in the woods, a perfect structure to meet your needs can be designed with recyclable, sustainable shipping containers. Assembled off-site to your specifications and delivered pre-assembled, shipping container homes make more sense and cents for use in areas where a stick-built structure would be difficult or extraordinarily expense to erect. The homes are put into place on-site and ready for use within hours.